There are definitely too many Ulrike Heinrichs roaming the internet.

This one was born on the 30th of April 1984 close to Frankfurt am Main. She's "not only lacking a sense of humour, but also totally serious, easily offended, quite stubborn and completely narrow-minded" - or at least that's how a perfect stranger once felt compelled to characterise her (upon which she bursted into laughter).
She doesn't have any reasonable education, but she's traveled about Europe before and after dropping out of college, and somewhere on the way between Lisbon, Sarajevo and Helsinki, she found herself. Well, at least partly. Meanwhile, she's moved to the Arctic and writes about it, for example as a columnist for (German) and in her blog thingy (currently only available in German and in progress).
Since she's seriously into that whole language and text thing, she also works as a freelance translator, editor and proofreader.
For fan mail, hate mail and job offers:
mail at ulrikeheinrich dot com.